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Decentralized Web project

About Us

We believe decentralization is future, upcoming and post blockchain technology.

Our Decentralized web project started in March 2020 and is ongoing.

We are building a decentralized platform with a large number of Users and a large network of Bridges/Nodes.

You are welcome to contact us - by e-mail, or through one of the social channels that we have.


     Upcoming dWeb education: Jul 22 2024: Fecal (poop) pills maybe the future of medicine

Past events, recordings

     "Replacing human labor for AI - questions to ask in advance" Youtube (Ju1 15)
     With all of the excitement which AI technology brings we have to stop and ask questions.
     What is suitable to be replaced and what is not suitable or beneficial?

     "The death of ownership and the rise of rentership" Youtube (Ju1 08)
     Different generations have different take on ownership - contrast wth gen-z / millenials.
     What is the ownership being replaced with? Looking in the near and far future.

     "Entrepreneurship and looking for the seemingly impossible" Youtube (Ju1 01)
     Very Few projects and businesses are looking for a solution of seemingly impossible problems.
     Yet, if successful they will advance knowledge and forge a path on which others will walk.

     "Generative AI - the hammer seeing everything as a nail (part 2)" Youtube (Jun 24)
     Part 2 - continuing on the 'hammer looking for nails' comparison. AI is not universal tool - good only in specific/limited areas.
     How to justify $7 trillion valuation? Is natural evolution of LLM based AI possible?

     "Generative AI - the hammer seeing everything as a nail (part 1)" Youtube (Jun 17)
     What is labeled as AI is often based on wishful thinking and is not yet in existence.
     Just as the proverbial hammer looking at everything as nails the current AI needs reality check.

     'Place making' - culture building for brands Youtube (Jun 10)
     Concerning the physical place where a brand resides, 'place making' refers to existing within a specific neighborhood,
     fitting in and complementing the 'vibe'. Smart brands would take advantage and benefit for a specific location.

     Concentration as a media trend ahead - part 2 Youtube (Jun 03)
     As we looked at the trend of concentration - can anything stop this concentration of power?
     Possible impact of government regulation, AI or other technology development.

     Bitcoin-trading article by Jack Evans - Decentralized Web Project Review

     Bitcourier interview with Chris Beverly - Decentralized web project

     Opinion: LA blockchain conference 2021

     Interview and video with Michael Paulyn - The future of decentralization