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Decentralized Web project

Participants and Network

Decentralized web has 2 types of participants:

  • Users - usually part time online, changing location / IP appdress, one directional communication
  • Bridges/Nodes - usually non-stop online, fixed location / IP appdress, two directional communication

    Every user can have and run their own Bridge/Node.

    The way of access of Decentralized web:

  • User's program run on - their own laptops, and/or Android phone/tablet device
  • Bridge's/Node's program run on - Raspberry Pi device, and/or Android phone/tablet device

    Direction of communication:

  • Usually Users have one directional communication and can not achieve communication with one another.
  • Bridges/Nodes have two directional communication and help Users to communicate by forwarding data.

    Bridges/Nodes based on Raspberry Pi can act as Internet Computer - load and perform local or distributed computing tasks.

    Bridges/Nodes together with Users form a large Decentralized web network.


    Decentralized web - network architecture, participants and evolution