Decentralized web / dWeb - project: Tutorial on blockchain access

The blockchain access page is available for anyone.

The main blockchain access page shows that the blockchain node runs geth , shows the its version, and the number of last mined block. A new block is mined every 10–15s.

Use: Select command from drop-down menu, and if needed, type parameters in p1, p2.

General blockchain assess:

- eth_getBalance(p1=addr) - DWU based: get balance on account address.
example - eth_getBalance("0xe76fb46a66b41e3a5ac223d256c1bf12e1c6932c")

- eth_getBlockByNumber(p1=blk_num)+eth_getTransactionByHash(hash) - get block and transactions.
example - eth_getBlockByNumber(328)

- eth_pendingTransactions(no param) - shows pending transactions .
example - eth_pendingTransactions()

ERC-20/BEP-20 smart contract:

- token.balanceOf(p1=addr) - ERC-20 based: get ATST1 balance on account address.
example - token.balanceOf("0xe76fb46a66b41e3a5ac223d256c1bf12e1c6932c")

- token.transfer(p1=addr,p2=amount) - receive(buy) ATST1 tokens on account address.
example - token.transfer("0xe76fb46a66b41e3a5ac223d256c1bf12e1c6932c",9)

- token.transferFrom(no param) - send(sell) 1 ATST1 token from specific pre-approved account.
example - token.transferFrom()

DAO smart contract:

- balot.getChoices(no param) - DAO based: display the current 2 choices.
example - balot.getChoices()

-,p2=choice) - submit 0 or 1 as a choice, 1 time per 24hrs.
example -"0x1234567890123456789012345678901234567890",1)

- balot.getResult(no param) - display the ongoing today (temporary) results.
example - balot.getResult()

- balot.getDayResult(no param) - display the previous day (final) results.
example - balot.getDayResult()

Article: dWeb blockchain explorer

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