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Decentralized Web project


Decentralized web / dWeb project

Building a decentralized communication and advertising platform:

- communication platform - like skype and zoom but decentralized, without servers
- advertising platform - like google and facebook, but rewarding users for viewing ads

     dWeb events - Nov 19/20 on Twitter spaces & Instagram live
     (with Paul Arssov)

     We have scheduled our next education event covering topics about - crypto, blockchain tech, web3 or 5, decentralization, CBDCs
     The event will be on Twitter spaces and Instagram live, hosted by the founder of 'Decentralize web' project - Paul Arssov.
     We are welcoming all - familiar or not with crypto.

     After a short introduction of our project, Paul will be talking about the topic of the event.
     During and after the main presentation will answer questions.



Topic - "Decentralized finance (DeFi) - destined to implode"

     It is very easy for DeFi projects to create virtual value, which however translate to little or no physical value .
     The presentation will look over several types of DeFi projects and the most likely path towards end of existence.
     As we have the actual case of Terra Luna even the biggest projects will be sharing the same fate.


.      To find more on this or other related topics please check some of more than 1300
     questions answered by Paul Arssov on Quora

     We are growing a large community, join us on -        Telegram:   Telegram - Decentralized Web

     The Twitter spaces event is happening on: Saturday, November 19 2022·
     The Instagram live event is happening on: Sunday, November 20 2022·

     9am – 10am PT: GMT−8 (US,Canada)
     12pm – 1pm ET: GMT−5 (North & South America)
     6pm – 7pm WAT: GMT+1 (West Africa)
     7pm - 8pm EET: GMT+2 (Eastern Europe & Africa)

     At the specified day and time please go to our Twitter channel: decentralize_w3 or Instagram channel: decentralizedweb1 and join the event

     Twitter spaces and Instagram live are available on mobile devices (phones & tablets) only.

     We will be happy if you join the upcoming event!

     Previous events recordings:

     Applying astrology in crypto trading Twitter space (Non 12) and Instagram live (Nov 13)

     The danger in 'stablecoins' (USDT,USDC) Twitter space (Non 05) and Instagram live (Nov 06)

     Web3 (or 5) - different visions and implementations Twitter space (Oct 29) and Instagram live (Oct 30)

     What is a smart contract? Twitter space (Oct 22) and Instagram live (Oct 23)

     What is a blockchain? Twitter space (Oct 15)