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Decentralized Web project

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Articles - Decentralized web project

     Decentralized web / dweb - what is it?

     Decentralized web / dWeb - monetizing model

     Decentralized web / dWeb - network architecture

     Bitcourier interview - Decentralized web project

     DINO - decentralized in name only

     Decentralized web project versus DFINITY project

     Decentralized web / dWeb - blockchain explorer

Videos -

     Decentralized web / dWeb - project introduction

      playlist of videos

User's journey on Decentralized Web

- Installing on Windows / MacOS / Linux

- Inviting users

- Personal web site

- Installing Nodes/Bridges.on Android device / Raspberry Pi

- Incentives in crypto-currency

Articles - general

     Opinion: LA blockchain conference 2021

     Removing the middle man and enabling full blockchain api access

     Towards centralized blockchains

     What a Dapp really is

     Let's get rid of the blockchain - init()

     Lets get rid of the blockchain - on-decentr()

     ERC xxx - usage analysis

     Applying astrology into cryptocurrency trading - mercury retrograde

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     The danger in the 'stable coins' - thought experiments and the real price of Bitcoin