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Decentralized Web project


Decentralized web / dWeb project

Building a decentralized communication and advertising platform:

- communication platform - like skype and zoom but decentralized, without servers
- advertising platform - like google and facebook, but rewarding users for viewing ads

     dWeb poll: Dec 04 - Dec 10 2023

     We at the 'Decentralized web' project are building a decentralization implementation, which has a blockchain instance and crypto-currency token.

          (*) put your Telegram: handle -

          (*) select region of the world are you living in -

          (*) what is your time zone -


     Poll rules:
    - this offer is running for the time as specified on the top of this page
    - after the end of the period 1 winner will be selected and rewarded with $5 in crypto-currency coins.
    - telegram handle, and fields with (*) are required fields
    - optionally you can add any comment or suggestion
    - only 1 submission per person will be accepted, multiple entries will be rejected