dWeb project tutorial: Creating of a crypto-assets wallet and viewing dWeb crypto-currency assets on a DEX (decentralized exchange)

1. Introduction

Every user of the dWeb platform receives rewards in the form of crypto-currency coins.

When the dWeb program is started it is looking for a wallet account which holds crypto-currency assets. This tutorial gives details on how to create the wallet account.

Currently we place the crypto-assets on the Binance DEX (decentralized exchange). Binance is known worldwide as the centralized crypto-currency exchange with the largest trading volume. In addition to its centralized platform Binance did create a decentralized crypto-exchange platform.

What is the difference between a centralized and decentralized crypto-exchange?

A centralized crypto-exchanges, including Binance, have a strict user registration process. It requires submitting personal and sensitive information - e-mail address, phone number, physical address where the person is living, driver's license and/or ID card and/or passport image, proof of living in a place like for ex,. utility bills, sending a selfie image, etc.

Such exchanges are subject to regulation of securities regulators of the country where they are registered and the countries where the users of the exchange are from.

A decentralized crypto-exchanges on the other hand does not have a user registration. The user can import their wallet with crypto-assets and can start trading.

From a technical point of view the matching engine for buy/sell orders is run internally by the centralized exchange. However for a decentralized exchange the buy/sell matching engine is split between the blockchain contract/ledger software and the software run by the user.

2. Creating of a crypto-assets wallet on a DEX

The main page of the Binance's DEX is - https://binance.org . This image and the images below are from the Binance chain / BC testnet however the steps and sequence are identical with the BC mainnet .

Binance DEX

Creating of a crypto-assets wallet is done only once. To start, click on - Create a wallet , as marked in a red line.

Create a wallet

Click on Using a keystore file because the file is saved locally.

New wallet

Type and repeat the chosen password, then click Download keystore file.

save as file

Select to Save File and then push OK .

Change filename

Modify the name to become more readable and descriptive and then push Save .

Go to step 2

To go to the next step push Continue .

Save 24 words

Please make sure you save all 24 words! They can also be used to recover the wallet and the stored assets!


Push Yes only after saving all 24 words of the pass-phrase .

Verify words

Type the right words and then push Continue .


This concludes the wallet account creation. Creating of a wallet account is done only once. To enter the DEX the user has to unlock the wallet.

3. Entering the DEX and viewing of crypto-assets on the DEX

Again, the main page of the Binance's DEX is - https://binance.org .

Binance DEX

To enter the DEX click on - Unlock wallet , as marked in a red line.

log-in/enter DEX
Please do -
1. select - Keystore File
2. push Upload Keystore file , use the saved file like for ex. dweb1_keystore
3. type the password used above for importing of the wallet
4. type Unlock wallet

DEX main view

This is the general view of the DEX where the user can trade crypto-assets - enter buy/sell orders.
To view the current amount of crypto-assets push - Balances .

asset balances
This screen shows the assets and the account number of the wallet - tbnb17yelr5jkwles6ds3syf6w0tshak9209funyv4c . This number has to be imported into the dWeb program so that the user can receive rewards.

4. Importing of the account number of the wallet with crypto-assets in the dWeb program


No defined account for crypto assets wallet. To import the wallet account number
run on terminal/command line -> dweb2 w


Do a exit of the dWeb program, open a terminal/command prompt, change folder to - ~/dweb (Linux/Mac OS X) / c:\dweb (Windows) and type -> dweb2 w .
The following message comes -


Create a wallet for crypto-currency assets at - https://binance.org/en/create"

for help creating check - https://decentralized-web.tech/t12.htm"

after creating do a copy then paste the wallet account here -


Copy/paste the account number, for ex . tbnb17yelr5jkwles6ds3syf6w0tshak9209funyv4c , and push Enter.

5. Viewing crypto-currency assets

Every user of the dWeb program gets rewards :
- initially when starting of the dWeb program for the first time, . .
- and, every time an invitation made and a new user joins,
- and, every time an advertisement is viewed .
- and, in multiple other ways

After the creation of a crypto-assets wallet and importing of the account, every time the dWeb program is started it displays the current assets of the user, like for ex. -


Operating system - Linux / Devices: audio input (microphone) - 1, audio output (speaker) - 3, video in (camera) - 1
Local IP address -, Global IP (web) address -,
My id - paul.arssov@sbcglobal.net, Status - present, direction - outward only

crypto assets - BNB : 0.020000, ATST1 : 100,


In the example above the user has BNB coin in the amount of: 0.020000, and ATST1 coin in the amount of: 100 .

The user can also view the same current amount of crypto-assets on the - Balances page of the DEX.

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