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     What are the chances this pandemic cripples the financial system as we know it and we all have to resort to using Bitcoin?

     Is the cryptocurrency Defi sector overinflated?

     What are the likely problems that cryptocurrencies pose to the financial sector in the future?

     Why are governments against cryptocurrencies?

     Why do people pay a premium for Apple computers when they are so much more expensive?

     Why do central banks always say they are worried about stable coins risk to the financial system without specifying the exact mechanics of their harm? Or are reporters unable to report this?

     Why do companies choose to open source some projects if their competitors can profit from the code? (or even any particular can sell the product)

     China has decreed the illegality of digital currencies in its transactions and has stopped mining in its territory. Is it the beginning of the end for cryptocurrencies?

     What keeps stable coins like Tether and USDC from going to zero value? Is it possible?

     As a crypto trader, do you know ways how criminals steal crypto?

     Are all cryptocurrencies and tokens created out of thin air, or are there some backed by real assets?
     Why would a trader use a decentralized exchange?
     Even if China takes over the USA, will one day China be overtaken by some other country in the same way every superpower falls?
     How did Bitcoin manage to reach its all-time high this year despite the pandemic?
     How does blockchain ensure the security of information?
     Why did J.P. Morgan abandon Quorum (open source blockchain platform) and sell it to ConSenSys?
     What are some white label NFT marketplace solutions?
     Is it possible to build a blockchain-based operating system in desktop and mobile, or is someone already making one?
     A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. It is secured by the blockchain. but then again some influencers say it is protecting your information from giant tech companies. I might sound silly but I am very new to this. explain in easy words?
     Why is there a sudden crash of major cryptocurrencies?
     When do you think Bitcoin will dip down again?
     Do you know an honest exchange besides coinbase? Playing games with my verification of my account & refuses most of my info and pics! It is a constant merry-go-round of AI stealing private info on finances but block you from loging in easilly.
     Can a layman use smart contracts and dApps?
     What Artificial Intelligence systems are being used to trade on the stock market?
     Could someone or some group hypothetically crash Bitcoin by DDoS-ing miners?
     What are the real advantages of using smart contracts for business?
     If we create a global trust fund for the coronavirus issuing tokens in Ethereum blockchain, then would we have a global investment bank with 8.2 trillion USD as share capital?
     Why did bitcoin spike so hard only to then crash?
     Will Bitcoin always be so volatile, or will it stabilize in the future?
     If blockchain is the next big tech paradigm shift, what legal issues matter?
     Can you successfully defend a PayPal chargeback case for Bitcoin purchases?
     What are the top factors affecting the 'supply and demand' of bitcoin such that it fluctuates in price over time?
     Can the government and banks around the world make bitcoin be worth 0$, or stop/control how far the price of cryptocurrency can rise?
     Will Biden set back the cryptocurrency market?
     As most of experts saying there is market bubble. So, will bitcoin's price rise or fall if we face market crash?
     What are the reasons of the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) for banning cryptocurrency use/trade and not only that but also said they will publish names of offenders?
     What are your thoughts about de-centralized blockchain technology?
     How can I develop an effective DApp on Blockchain?
     How important is decentralization to cryptocurrency, and what happens if it is centralized?
     What could the price of TRON go up to when China releases it's own digital currency, as China’s state-backed tech workgroup's crypto rankings report has consistently ranked TRON in the top three rankings?
     After the app boom, do you think decentralized links are going to be the next big thing?
     NPR interviewed some guy who wrote in a paper about the battle between governments and cryptocurrency companies. Seriously, could worldwide governments lose control over money and its distribution? That would overthrow all governments.
     What are some cryptocurrency coins with low prices with some of the biggest tech plans for the future?
     What programming language do you find yourself using the most with requested blockchain projects?
     Do you really believe that TESLA sold Bitcoin to prove liquidity? Is this a joke? How can someone genius like Elon blindly buy $1.5B and only a few months later start proving liquidity on a fraction of it?
     Why do the democrats want to declare Bitcoin illegal? They are pointing out its encroachment on the US dollar.
     Is Michael Saylor promoting BitCoin because he holds more than 100,000 BitCoin for the long term or is he just a 'pumper and dumper' like many suspect Elon Musk is? If so why doesn’t the SEC do anything about it?
     Would Bitcoin reach this price point if it wasn't for Covid?
     Do you think NFT are a good investment? What are some good tips on trading them on Binance?
     How many phones together can mine one bitcoin?
     How do we stop wash trading in cryptocurrency exchanges?
     What are the issues with an algorithmically pegged stablecoin? Is there a way to make this work reliably so it can maintain its peg with confidence?
     Where does blockchain data reside?
     Why would anyone think Bitcoin and other crypto assets have no future?
     If cryptocurrency experts like Marius Kramer are able to call the market, why are they not retired on their own island yet? Are they the true altruists of this age?
     Which cryptocurrencies can be mined and which cannot be mined?
     Is it possible to apply fundamental analysis to cryptocurrency forex trading?
     What would happen to cryptocurrency if the U.S. federal bank decided to deny the exchange of any cryptocurrency for USD?
     If the federal government wants to know the bank transactions of over 600, is it possible that soon they will want to know every transaction?
     If over 60% of Ethereum nodes are hosted by AWS, then how truly decentralized is the Ethereum network?
     What are some of the advantages newer smart contract platforms have over Bitcoin and Ethereum? What can they offer decentralized applications that the older, larger decentralized platforms can’t?
     What is an NFT? (Wrong answers only please!) :)
     What are some little known examples of decentralized systems?
     How many of you really care that you own your data (like your social posts, your profile, etc.) and would you prefer to have your data on a decentralized platform where you own it? Or do you care where your data sits or what entity actually owns it?
     How do I prepare for a future flash crash of altcoins and/or bitcoin without getting caught in a bear trap by stop-losses?
     How is Bitcoin better than any other block chain digital currency to justify its current market valuation?
     What are the reasons Ray Kurzweil’s theory that all of humanity will be living in computers by 2045 might never happen?
     What are the best available tech-based startups?
     If I minted a unique NFT on Solana blockchain (which is not the same as Etherium blockchain) can someone mint the same Nft on Etherium Blockchain and own it, which makes the NFT not unique anymore?
     What is the basis of value for virtual currencies like bitcoin?
     What has your experience selling NFTs been so far? Is there anything that isn't being discussed enough about this topic?
     How much fee is charged if I convert from USDT to Binance and vice versa? What do you recommend to reduce transportation fees?
     How do stable coins manage to not fluctuate in price?
     What would a decentralised Internet look like?
     Can Bitcoin evolve to include the capability of smart contracts?
     How is Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter) going to survive being a tool of money laundering and terrorist financing?
     How does the value of NFT increase? Is it because more people are buying it? If I upload an NFT to Opensea, how can that be an opportunity for investment for others?
     What insights can someone extract from the various white papers issued by cryptocurrencies?
     How do proof of stake (PoS) blockchains not create a broken system where the people at the top hold all the power?
     Is Tether dead now that it cannot be sold in New York?
     Have you ever thought about creating a TikTok channel for your business?
     As a crypto trader, what’s your opinion on the top 5 digital assets with skyrocketed price based on net change?
     What are the benefits and drawbacks of Worldcoin?
     Do most businesses who use Slack use their services because they don't trust other good or cheaper options, or don’t find other options convenient?
     How can I cash out my Bitcoin to USD?
     Hi for experts: how we can link a token with a project? Who is the specialist who can do it? Blockchain developer? Business consultant? Also, how we can make a whitepaper for the token? Which specialist can do it? Please let me know with regards?
     What are the benefits of having an all-in-one wallet for cryptocurrency trading?
     Why don’t people in the United States use the new cryptocurrency called Pi Network that Stanford graduates made?
     When they say '$200bilion wiped off over night as bitcoin pulls back', does it really mean that this big worth of money completely disappear from the real world, or rather that it end up somewhere else? If so where it end up?
     If there is a major crash in the cryptocurrency market bubble, what impact do you think it will have on the global financial markets?
     Is the Utopian decentralized web browsing and servers the future of internet communications?
     How do I have to pay to deploy my Binance smart contract?
     How common is it for people to lose a lot of money investing in cryptocurrency?
     Why does the 'The People’s Bank of China' (PBOC) attach great importance to the research and development of digital fiat currency?
     Why do people give up on Slack?
     What cryptocurrency coins below $1 will skyrocket in two to three years time?
     In cryptocurrency everyone says DYOR which means Do Your Own Research. What is a proven method of doing that research? How do you sort out the mumbo-jumbo from a real solid team, plan, and white paper to find a good investment?
     How much would you charge me to borrow from you 1 Bitcoin for one month, and how do we hedge our bets using a proprietary digital smart contract?
     Is China using its digital currency to monitor people and in turn to control the citizens like the social credit system? Please read question comment for reference.
     Will crypto currencies act like catalyst for universal basic income or distribution of wealth, by having a global control than the individual governments control? What are the other security controls necessary to bring a consensus among governments?
     I have a business idea that I researched extensively about and some friends and colleagues who are super enthusiastic about it and promised support, but they are super busy with their own lives. What's your suggestion for the next practical step?
     Why is Shiba Inu cryptocurrency appreciating so much, yet we are advised to stay away from it?
     How important is 'Consensus' in Cryptocurrency?
     How do I make self-executable a program like Smart Contract?
     What is a Dapp, and how is it different from a normal application?
     Is it possible to sell photos taken by phone and edited by phone apps as NFT assets?
     What is a decentralized technology platform application that actually works/looks realistic, and is better than centralized alternatives (including early adopter ones)?
     How can I disconnect a trading bot attached to my trading account? I am too ashamed to admit that I got scammed using netscapefx and a trader hooked my account with a bot that is not allowing me to withdraw my money. Could someone help please
     How does Ethereum interact with smart contracts?
     How can tech startups maintain their speed of innovation when they grow big?
     What are the advantages of integrating blockchain technology with video streaming?
     Is devolution the best form of decentralization?
     Is this digital yuan (see link) a Keynesian dream come true as it enables the government to punish the greedy money hoarders (savers), forcing them to spend and stimulate the economy? Will the whole world embrace it ditching bitcoin and gold?
     Why is Polygon really pushing towards decentralization?
     Buffet partner Charlie Munger praised China for banning cryptocurrency transactions. Do you agree?
     Why is it that in order to receive Ripple (XRP), one must make use of 'destination tags' whereas the same doesn't apply to other cryptocurrencies?
     When will mobile phone crypto mining be a common thing? How will it help to decentralize from the monopoly? What are other implications?
     Why doesn't Tether stay put at $1 price exactly, but jumps around .999 to 1.001 dollars?
     Is the UK's Central Bank Digital Currency 'Britcoin' going to usher in cashless society, universal basic income, negative interest rates, and complete government control over its citizens' finances?
     Is a government-based crypto prone to injecting fraudulent transactions into the blockchain and outcompete others in the network? Will the government based crypto be reliable?
     How are IoT and blockchain interconnected?
     What is the Tether (USDT) price prediction for 2023?
     How can we decentralize without having experience in blockchain technology?
     Despite its high price tag, do you consider the iPhone to be a disruptive technology, according to Clayton Christensen’s model? If so, what kind of product (or products) was it directly displacing when it was introduced in 2007?
     How does Blockchain help reduce server costs by distributing and decentralizing? If each node needs to have a copy of the blockchain, isn't it more expensive than maintaining a central database?
     Which cryptocurrencies can achieve the biggest returns just because of the notoriety in the upcoming bull run?
     Why does Washington worry about stablecoins?
     Will blockchain technology ever replace the current financial system?
     What in your opinion are the conceptual problems of Ethereum's transition to PoS?
     What are some key factors to look at when determining the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency project?
     Why do people believe digital currency will lead to social credit systems? Is this hysteria by people afraid of change?
     Why do some cryptos have unlimited supply, when even a kid knows that unlimited supply means the coin is worthless?
     What factors influence the value of Bitcoin?
     Are big companies like Google and Amazon investing in cryptocurrency or mining it?
     What are the risks of AML in crypto exchanges? Are there any regulations here? Also, if there are AML red-flag indicators in Crypto exchanges, what are these red- flag indicators?
     If you're holding a cryptocurrency or token in a wallet (myetherwallet), is that representing for the amount held at the exchange?
     What is the difference between hold and HODL?
     What is China trying to achieve by replacing their currency with cryptocurrency?
     Why is the SEC investigation into Coinbase causing the company to lose clients, customers, investors in its stock, and creating a huge shorting opportunity for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, the two lead underwriters of COIN?
     It what ways can Dogecoin have more utility, and stability as a worldwide currency as opposed to Bitcoin?
     What is causing the massive crash in cryptos today, December 4, 2021?
     What amount of tokens would you and your dev team keep if you created your own crypto with a total supply of 1 quadrillion?
     When is the Chinese government cryptocoin likely to be released, and can it be traded by non-Chinese citizens outside of China if on a native China's website, i.e., in China's IP address space?
     Which cryptocurrency has minimal transfer fees? I want to send my currency from one trade exchange to Binance. Which coin should I use to have minimum transfer fees, BTC, ETH, BNB, or any other option?
     What are the blockchain trends to be followed in 2022?
     Are other countries likely to decide to follow China’s crypto ban lead?
     Can NFTs be tangible?
     Why is the Chinese government okay with 300,000 or more young Chinese going to America to study each year?
     Is Elon Musk right in saying most academic papers are useless?
     Are the banks now in control of cryptocurrencies?
     When a JPEG is minted onto Ethereum in Open Sea, is the NFT injected into the blockchain or does it remain on a server somewhere?
     If I make a copy of the original file containing an NFT, how can anyone tell if my copy or the original NFT is the original?
     What do you think and respond when someone rightfully points out that cryptocurrency is just a 'medium of exchange' used to set the relative value of different goods and services? It has no intrinsic value.
     Do you think bitcoin is a bubble waiting to burst or a growing currency?
     In light of the new bill to get rid of end-to-end encryption, what can the average person do to protect their privacy online?
     Which is better to use on a private, permissioned blockchain for tracking and trace in the supply chain: Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric?
     How liquid is USDT -> USD/CAD? I can see people selling at Binance, but not how big the buyer demands are.
     How is it technically possible to verify that an artist minted their own NFT on the blockchain? If they are not verified then how is it possible just by having a specific hashing code that doesn't prove originality but just uniqueness?
     What are some crypto projects (other than bitcoin) that are very decentralized and had no ico neither an airdrop?
     Have Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies failed in their aim to become currencies as they seem to be mainly used for speculation and crime and few retailers accept them?
     Do you believe decentralized finance is the future?
     How do developers come up with the terminologies we see in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space?
     Is there a social media account helpful for cryptocurrency education?
     Will all computers eventually run decentralized blockchain apps in the background?
     How do you check if a transaction is interacting with a smart contract or deploying smart contract itself (transactions, deployed bytecode, Ethereum)?
     What is the best way to start getting into the NFT space?
     Many see a future in NFT Token. What do you think? Is it worth it?
     What are smart contracts?
     Are cryptocurrencies assets or securities?
     What do you mean by decentralisation?
     How can computer forensics experts catch hackers who use VPN and Tor to mask their identity/location? For example, when North Korea hacked Sony how did they know it was NK?
     What is meant by NFT?
     Could this or next be the year that the Bitcoin bubble bursts?
     What will happen if a government built its own blockchain, forbid all native cryptocurrency, and legally accepted only those cryptocurrencies already wrapped by that fresh-built government blockchain?
     Why is IOST’s Node program widely praised as the globally leading staking program by numerous blockchain research institutions?
     Can Chainlink (or any oracles) solve the issue of interoperability in blockchains? Specifically, making Ethereum the sufficient solution to decentralised apps?
     Can the creation of CBDCs actually boost Bitcoin adoption and usage in payments?
     Do you think cryptocurrency is the future of the economy? To what extent should we trust Bitcoin and Blockchain?
     Bitcoin would have been a phenomenal investment months ago. The question is: will Bitcoin continue on this historical path, or is the Bitcoin bubble about to burst?
     How do DApps tokens and platforms, e.g. Ethereum and EOS, profit from DApps that build on top of it?
     Is there any code or library that can convert an image file to an NFT?
     What are some things everyone should know about digital wallets?
     Is there a downside to holding your emergency fund in a stable coin like USDC, TUSD, etc with NEXO or Celsius Network? As far as I understand your investment is insured and you are guaranteed about 8% return on your holdings.
     Is it possible to make money trading DAI, Tether, TrueUSD and other Stablecoins? Since their movements are so small how would you make money with them?
     At what point does the cryptocurrency market cap make it a de-facto reserve currency?
     What are the ways that decentralised apps can interact with one another? How does Ethereum's solution limit such interaction? What are the limits of Ethereum in terms of interoperability?
     Is Bitcoin too big to fail?
     Can BTC replace gold as the best store of value?
     Can every computer be made to act as a server? If so, why isn't the internet more decentralized?
     Will Bitcoin be the end of Tesla?
     What do you think is the new trend of blockchain?
     Many people claim they are confident that bitcoin will reach $100K. Why is that? How can they be so sure? What possibly can make so many people to agree and believe so strongly in this? What is your understanding of this phenomenon?
     What is the closest historical example to the cryptocurrency market?
     Is El Salvador taking a risk by making BITCOIN a legal tender?
     I know Bitcoin is said to be a decentralized currency, but is there anyway the government/big banks can gain control of it?
     What is the metric used to determine how much leverage is it the market and how can its effect on BTC price be interpreted?
     In your opinion what is the future of blockchain? Where could the use of the blockchain tech he headed?
     Why does the Nigerian government place ban on cryptocurrency exchange and begins crackdown on its citizens when even most advanced and leading countries in the world are embracing and encouraging it?
     Will there be a bridge between the Chinese digital yuan and Bitcoin in the future?
     How and where is data stored in ethereum blockchain? Is it on chain or off chain or where? Is it hashed or stored in raw format? How are we able to see data through ethrscan if it is hashed before storing?
     Has anyone had any experience with A defi mining pool that allows you to collect 1% -2% of the amount in your crypto wallet daily? It says pledge free then per smart contract forces you to pledge when you try to withdrawal. Scam?
     What are the best practices to store data on blockchain?
     Should citizens have the right to encrypt messages in such a manner that precludes monitoring from government agencies?
     Is it possible to have a dApp automatically and programmatically store a small piece of data on Ethereum, every X minutes, without the need for manually connecting a wallet?
     Is Uniswap UNI cryptocurrency a pump and dump?
     What are the possible future issues of blockchain and cryptocurrency?
     'Banned for posting memes in general.' Why do such policies in Discord servers get enforced so harshly?
     Is it possible to mint NFT itself but list it on other marketplaces as same collection?
     What are your perspectives and opinions on about Silicon Valley? Do you think it should be in more countries so that other aspiring tech entrepreneurs from different countries can build something great?
     Can one MetaMask wallet be used in multiple places? Separate NFT sites/companies? I am talking about OpenSea, Rarible, etc.
     What is the future of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies)?
     What is a non-obvious difference between crypto (Bitcoin) and stocks (equities) that has an impact on price?
     What reliable methods would you use to independently determine and verify the number of individual persons worldwide who own some amount of any cryptocurrency?
     How can we build a decentralized internet?
     Can you trust the USDC?
     How much does a blockchain project cost to an organization?
     Are NFT cryptocoins innovation or hype?
     Which subjects are necessary to be a Dapp developer?
     Why is the foreign exchange market unique?
     Why does Jack Dorsey appear to be abandoning Twitter for cryptocurrencies?
     To what extent do you say there is no absolute centralization or absolute decentralization?
     If the price of Bitcoin is determined by trading on the exchanges, why do people think the halving will cause the price to rise?
     If Bitcoin became universally adopted as a world currency, what price would it trade at against the US dollar?
     Has there been any major lawsuit against any blockchain cryptocurrency? What is your opinion about it?
     In order to begin buying and trading cryptocurrency I need to set up an account with an exchange like Kraken. The signup requires several forms of identification including your SSN. Is this normal or safe, if not, what are some better alternatives?
     Can an Ethereum contract execute transactions directly on the Bitcoin network? Ethereum contracts must be pure functions so I would assume this is not possible. What options would be possible for this sort of scenario?
     Is it safe to bet on the so-called Bitcoin boom or to just disregard it as another catastrophe waiting to happen?
     Is Bitcoin just demand, as mean there are actually no backup and it can collapse anytime?
     A new report shows that 60% of Bitcoins haven’t moved for more than a year. If money is supposed to be a medium of exchange, and facilitate trade and commerce shouldn't we expect to see something quite the opposite from this?
     How are Tether (USDT) and USD coin (USDC) different?
     How does the digital currency of a nation impact the value of its physical currency?
     When did you see someone do a clever, but sneaky thing with cryptocurrency?
     How does your company use blockchain?
     What's the future of Blockchain technology in 21st century Businesses?
     According to a guest on Bloomberg News, digital/crypto Yuan/RMB will allow anyone in the world to use Chinese currency without needing a Chinese bank account, when China launches this in 2022, will this reduce the dollar dominance in a big way?
     Do cryptocurrency transactions look like any other encrypted data going over the internet?
     Is it possible to develop decentralized 'websites' over blockchain to circumvent government censorship?
     Why is China suddenly so 'Anti-crypto currency'? Have they not only banned the crypto producers, but have also now banned software companies from making software related to crypto production? Why? Does China think cryptos are a scam?
     What’s the state of privacy focused cryptocurrencies? How private are they actually?
     Is Bitcoin in a bubble as of present day?
     What is Web3, and why are all the crypto people suddenly talking about it?
     The servers that process Block-chain technology can be hacked or sabotaged, right? Then what happens to the Bitcoins and other crypto's?
     Will Tether (USDT) hold its price at $1 even if the cryptocurrency market collapses?
     A colleague asked whether our clothing manufacturing company should create an NFT. What does this mean? What would we be creating?
     What do you think of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team?
     Do you know of any real ways to get free cryptocurrency going here in this year?
     Can we create a non-fungible token (NFT) for a poem, an article, a short film, or a novel?
     What is the importance of open source for blockchain technology?
     How do blockchain-based search engines work?
     Which scenario would be easier to implement in reality? In other words, is it probably easier to move from centralization to decentralization or vice versa?
     Are cloud computing and blockchain tech opposite against each other? They seem centralized and decentralized systems, respectively.
     In a data trading blockchain system, how do you check the completeness and integrity of the data while purchasing the data through a smart contract?
     What are the next 10x crypto projects with solid fundamentals?
     Is data science so easy that the market will eventually be oversaturated and jobs will be hard to find?
     Do you think there are other solutions to decentralization other than blockchain?
     Is it true that over one TRILLION $ is in the crypto currency markets? How much of that is probably leveraged?
     What is the probability that decentralized finance (DeFi) will take over centralized finance?
     Why are Bitcoin transactions banned in some countries?
     What is DeFi (cryptocurrency), and how does it work?
     How would you go about merging and consolidating every digital currency in the world that trades at under a penny into a singular coin that is standardized into a fixed rate of exchange pegged to a dollar?
     What are some reasons why the Avalanche consensus protocol will never be used for Bitcoin?
     How is the Chinese social credit system good when your choices are decided by the government?
     Why are 'cryptocurrencies' like Bitcoin all the rage lately?
     Are there some legitimate crypto faucet companies?
     Is it hard to do transactions with cryptocoins stored in a hardware wallet? Are there any disadvantages using a hardware wallet?
     Do Bitcoin nodes need consent to store EU citizen's personal data?
     A normal guy got lucky in crypto and just made 3 billion USD. What is the most logical step forward from this position if you want to put the money to work, secure it, do things in a legal fashion, etc?
     How is the digital yuan any different from having real yuan currency with you? If there is none, why not simply maintain a ledger in an app or something?
     Why do some think that China’s ban is great news for cryptocurrencies?
     What are the reasons behind bitcoin's much higher price volatility compared to fiat currencies, given that it has often been cited that one of the uses of bitcoin is as a currency?
     Do the rules of technical analysis apply to cryptocurrency?
     Where can I do Bitcoin futures trading?
     Why does the United States not make Bitcoin illegal given nefarious utilization and undercutting of the US dollar?
     Will Etherium 2.0 break the mold of the ups and downs of moving with Bitcoin?
     Why would Tether's collapse be bad for cryptocurrencies?
     What is technically involved in setting-up mining for bitcoins using an unlimited high-speed connection and a laptop?
     What are DApps and how are they used?
     My earnings from investing in bitcoin were set up in a bank account by the trading company. The bank is requesting a cost of transfer (COT) fee to transfer to my own personal bank. This fee is expensive. How should I handle this?
     Why do Google engineers use MacBooks instead of Linux laptops?
     Everyone knows Tether is a scam. This implies that Bitfinex will crash soon. Is it the correct moment to short on Bitcoin?
     What are the pros and cons of cryptocurrency lending? Blockfi, Celsius, Nexo are all giving 8.6% interest on stable coins. So, what should I be cautious about if I want to park, say, $100k in USDC in one of these platforms?
     Is it true that senior developers can write 10,000 lines of code a day?
     What do corporations do with cryptocurrency they take as payment? Do they just transfer it to USD, or keep it to continue trading?
     What is the easiest way to make a Dapp?
     Will Tether (USDT) eventually collapse cryptocurrencies market?
     Does circulating supply matter in crypto?
     As the value of Bitcoin rises as a digital asset, will its liquidity be guaranteed?
     What kinds of problems cannot be solved by smart contracts?
     Going by the recent action of the Chinese government on cryptocurrencies, a lot of people are worried about the regulatory future of bitcoin. Are their worries cogent or unfounded?
     What are the chances of USDC becoming a national digital currency bank as its company says it wants to achieve?
     What are your thoughts on the Fed Chairman's suggestion that Bitcoin could become obsolete with the adoption of a digital U.S. dollar?
     Is there a video chat platform that is decentralized and uses Bitcoin, and is that a good idea?
     How does blockchain work? How can I write a contract and add my machine into a global blockchain system? What are some examples of blockchain systems and what kind of servers they contain?
     How do you write a pre-paid smart contract so users don't pay transactions in ETH (contract design, gas, Ethereum)?
     How can they mint an unlimited amount of USDT Tether and pump other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, etc.? Is it really backed by USD or is it all smoke and mirrors?
     Is working in Silicon Valley overrated?
     Is there an alternative technology to blockchain that may threaten blockchain adoption?
     How do decentralised apps created on Ethereum interact with each other? Do they exist on the same network, meaning that the same nodes used to host Ethereum would be used for the apps created on Ethereum, or is it running on a separate network?
     Which is not one of the potential advantages of decentralization?
     Is China handing the US and the rest of the world a gift by not participating in cryptocurrency technology?
     How can the government find ways to track the transactions happening using crypto?
     I have put hundreds in VeChain and started staking and realized that the rewards are not that great. Is this project worth sticking with?
     How has cryptocurrency been able to revolutionize finance and banking?
     What is your best argument against cryptocurrency not being backed by anything?
     Is the Ethereum blockchain bloated?
     Do Dapps have to pay the blockchain platform they call?
     What level of math is recommended for a Blockchain developer?
     What are the decentralized APIs for the decentralized web?
     What are the advantages of integrating blockchain technology with video streaming?
     Will there be a battle in the world over cryptocurrency in the coming days? Will there be competition between the future digital currency and cryptocurrency of the central bank in the future?
     What are the most important things to know about non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?
     Could Blockchain ever replace TCP/IP, the Internet's most important protocol in order to achieve a higher level of security?
     A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. It is secured by the blockchain. but then again some influencers say it is protecting your information from giant tech companies. I might sound silly but I am very new to this. explain in easy words?
     Is it possible in time that the large crypto companies could buy out other ones with better and faster blockchain, e.g., Etherium 2.0 and Tezos 3.0?
     Has anyone bought anything with crypto like a car, house or a camera?
     How would one build an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea/Rarible? What does the development process look like?
     How does P2P or 'decentralized' websites work? Can one make a decentralized data storage application?
     How will BTC go above $100,000 when there’s going to be Digital USD and Digital EUR and so on? What will make BTC and ETH come forward and pass them?
     What's actually inside the Big Tech terms of services? Very few people I’ve met actually read them. Is there anything concerning in there?
     How should small businesses prepare for the next generation of the internet (Web 3.0) and its decentralized blockchain protocol?
     Is Tether cryptocurrency a risky investment?
     Does Bitcoin have similarities to currencies which failed in the past centuries?
     Why would someone keep an NFT if it’s just a picture, and why are people excited?
     Are there any benefits to running the NFT platform on a “private chain”?

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