Is Uniswap UNI cryptocurrency a pump and dump?

Uniswap operates on collecting 0.3% cut from every transaction made. It swaps one kind of tokens to another.

As creation of tokens on ethereum blockchain is easy even for entry level programmer, the only kind of growth for uniswap and most other projects is in creating new tokens and assigning them a value.

Uniswap and most of the DeFi projects did create very good smoke screen by academic looking white papers and enthusiastic marketing which is fooling even sophisticated investors.

In essence, as Uniswap and all other tokens reside on the Ethereum blockchain all of them depend on the ETH-USDx spot market price quote.

As long the this price quote goes up the things will be rosy for the DeFi. The moment this price quote goes down as it did in March 2020 the whole Defi may implodeā€¦

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