What has your experience selling NFTs been so far? Is there anything that isn't being discussed enough about this topic?

Most of the glowing reviews about NFTs are made by people who are marketers - not creators, not buyers, not developers.

Even though I am a software developer it has been pretty challenging experience submitting my first NFT in a marketplace.

Due to high gas transaction feesI did stay away from the Ethereum mainnet blockchain. Most creators and sellers of NFT there are waiting quietly or in desperation for better timesā€¦

I did create an infographics image and did place it as NFT on Bakeswap.

Since Sept. 2020 Binance exchange did announce BSC (Binance smart chain) which is Ethereum software running on limited number of Binance nodes.

And since Sept 2020 lots of open sourced projects got copy & pasted into BSC by developers in China. My personal guess is that Bakeswap is one of these projects.

After filling some info about me and the image I did create the NFT address but then was unsure on what to do next. There is no explanation or help.

The price I put was in BAKE tokens - I had to find a quote and recalculate the fiat equivalent.

The website of this NFT marketplace is page after page with images. When submitting I did put as required the actual image which makes me think why would anyone pay when they actually see the final work and lots of variations of it.

Most if not all NFT marketplaces requires using metamask browser extension and some technical sophistication in order to make the created NFT appear in the wallet.

It is this experience that lead me into the start of developing a lot more friendlier NFT marketplaceā€¦

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