What do you think is the new trend of blockchain?

I am not sure if it is already a trend or will become a trend.

In my personal opinion as a developer it is the transition of a project towards using their independent or as we label it ‘owned’ blockchain.

Lots of projects are ‘tenants’ on the Ethereum blockchain and have to cope with high gas fees.

In addition the Ethereum not anymore a single chain. It is fractured on 1 pow chain + several pos chains.

Binance did recognize this early on and did create an Ethereum compatible binance smart chain (BSC). Some projects did transition to BSC.

But I think this is intermediate step. Projects has still to follow the (changing) rules of Binance on listing, bridging to Binance chain, or being exploited by swap places.

I believe the final step is having ‘owned’ chain as we did in our Decentralized web project, described in this article -
Decentralized web / dWeb - blockchain explorer

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