What are the blockchain trends to be followed in 2022

I am answering the question from the point of view of a founder and developer of a technology project.

Most if not all blockchains require paying ‘rent’ (gas fees), and/or basing or using the blockchain’s coin.

We did consider, for the last few years using - ethereum, avalanche, binance smart chain, and polygon.

All of these blockchains run ethereum based software.

Currently we run our own Ethereum blockchain instance for our ‘Decentralized web’ project -
Decentralized web / dWeb - blockchain explorer

As technology developers we can bridge to value - not only to Ethereum based tokens/coins but to other coins as well.

I am not sure if it is going to become a trend, but projects running their owned blockchain instances have the freedom to do any type of contracts and processing without paying ‘rent’ to underlying provider, and freeing our users from fees…

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