Is Michael Saylor promoting BitCoin because he holds more than 100,000 BitCoin for the long term or is he just a "pumper and dumper" like many suspect Elon Musk is? If so why doesn’t the SEC do anything about it?

The crypto market is conductive to worshiping and following people like Michael Saylor and Elon Musk - in the good times / market going up.

When the market goes down then the followers turn against the former subjects of worship and want them punished.

Most people do not get the big picture of the crypto-market.

The current market cap of the crypto market is 2+ trillion ‘stable coin’ dollars.

The total fiat currency collected from people entering the crypto-market is less than $100 billion paper/fiat dollars.

A large holding in ‘stable coin’ dollars may not be able to cash out, back into paper/fiat dollars.

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