Has anyone had any experience with defimining.me? A defi mining pool that allows you to collect 1% -2% of the amount in your crypto wallet daily? It says pledge free then per smart contract forces you to pledge when you try to withdrawal. Scam?

There are healthy and unhealthy areas in the crypto-currency market.

DeFi is an example of a unhealthy area. Smart sounding ‘white papers’ create a smoke screen which obscures the reality.

The process of withdrawing - from the DeFi token to the ordinary crypto token/coin clears the smokescreen and exposes the reality.

As a technology developer I know a person can create every day a new DeFi token.

They can promise 10, 100 or 1000% interest on this token. They have most of the supply of the token and can easily simulate demand for the token.

Everything is ok when people keep depositing - swapping from ordinary tokens to the DeFi token.

However when people attempt to withdraw the DeFi token creator will want to prevent this. If withdrawal is allowed the swap price may quickly crash.

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