What's actually inside the Big Tech terms of services? Very few people I’ve met actually read them. Is there anything concerning in there?

In general the Big Tech uses the terms of service agreement are getting longer and longer.

In my opinion the Apple produces the longest such documents compared with all others.

The size approaches a small novel and a thorough user have to spend a week reading and understanding the few things people are allowed to do and all of the things they can not do with their specific product.

Faced with such documents most people skip on reading them and quickly agree to all just to get the product/service that they paid for.

The problem with such legal agreements is that they are - ‘my way or the highway’. The user can not agree to only a part of the document and remove parts they disagree with.

A problem with some of these legal documents is also the automatic agreement to the new editions of the document - which usually adds restrictions, and removes responsibility from the specific company.

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