If there is a major crash in the cryptocurrency market bubble, what impact do you think it will have on the global financial markets?

So far there have been sudden crashes of Bitcoin - going down 5/10/15% in a matter of minutes or hours.

These crashes are limited to affect most of other crypto-currencies but do not affect much the other financial markets.

There are always ‘buy on dip’ people who provide ‘bottom’ and stop the price from falling further.

The trigger for a major crypto crash could be an escalation of tension between world powers and/or a war.

I is going to be triggered when even a small group of people decide to cash out and exit - convert from crypto to fiat.

In this case people will find that the crypto market capitalization - currently around 2.7 trillion stable coin dollars, is matched by only around $100 billion fiat/paper currencies (dollars,euros, pounds,yens…) collected by stable coin issuers and crypto-exchanges.

The actual ‘slice of pie’ is much smaller than anticipated…

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