How should small businesses prepare for the next generation of the internet (Web 3.0) and its decentralized blockchain protocol?

In my personal opinion web3 is about decentralization.

The current thinking of marketers and some developers tie web3 with blockchain tech.

However blockchain tech is very cumbersome and on top of this ‘rent seeking’.

It goes only partially towards decentralization and can be considered as an intermediate step.

Current dominant internet use is based on client / server model - billions of users go to millions of web sites.

I believe the upcoming decentralized internet is going to be based on a direct user to user (no server) communication.

This is what we have been working on in our ‘Decentralized web’ project.

To answer the question - direct communication will bring significant changes in services like search, messaging, communication etc…

These changes have the potential to break the monopolies of the big tech - google, facebook, twitter…

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