How will BTC go above $100,000 when there’s going to be Digital USD and Digital EUR and so on? What will make BTC and ETH come forward and pass them?

The price of BTC is measured not in fiat ( $ ) but in stable coins - USDT,USDC…

There is an assumption which is most likely wrong that 1 USDT,USDC is always going to be 1 $ fiat.

To find why the assumption is most likely wrong please check this article -
The danger in the stable coins (thought experiments and the real price of Bitcoin)

The cental bank digital currency / CBDC on the other hand, like digital USD, or EUR, is not related to crypto-currencies like BTC.

So called digital USD/EUR will be direct replacements of fiat and guaranteed by central banks. A person holding digital fiat will most likely still need to exchange it to USDT,USDC…

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