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     Welcome to our 'blog-alike' section of our web site.

     It is not huge exaggeration to state that it is not like anything you have seen!

     Our 'blog-alike' section pioneers adding content together with 3D objects - which are animating and interactive.

     You, the reader can play with these objects - way more entertaining than the usual blog post.

     The content of the site is organized in the form of a - question and an answer, focused on topics related to our 'Decentralized web' project which include - decentralization, blockchain technology, crypto-currency and other tech or general topics.

     Unlike most blogs the Q&As are not organized in chronological order but randomly arranged. This makes each Q&A equally fresh and relevant.

     On the top of the list of Q&As there are 10 featured Q&As followed by all of the rest of Q&As.

     If not one of the 10 looks interesting please reload the page to get 10 other featured Q&As.

     If you like you can also scroll down through the rest of the list of Q&As. We are starting with a list of around 350 Q&As and will keep adding to the list.

     Please note some of the answers are contrarian and differ from the current mainstream views.

     While promoters and marketers may look at the big picture and/or on the surface only, the views in this blog look below the surface and at the little details which may lead to dramatic consequences in the future.

     Enjoy our Q&A, AND play with the 3D objects!

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