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Decentralized Web project

Download software

Supported platforms to install and run on:

- User software: Windows (64bit), Mac OS, Linux (64bit), Android

- Bridge/Node software: Linux (ARM-raspberry pi), Android


- Installing User software on - Windows / MacOS / Linux

- Installing Nodes/Bridges software on - Android device / Raspberry Pi

Both the User software and Bridge/Node software are installed through one of 3 choices of operating systems.

Select one and download:

- Windows (64bit) software release

- Mac OS software release

- Linux (64bit) software release

User software for Android is installed from - Windows/MacOS/Linux.

After downloading please check the tutorial for User software install.

If you want to run also a bridge choose one device - Android phone/tablet, or Raspberry Pi3 , then follow steps in tutorial for Bridge/Node software install.