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Decentralized Web project

Decentralized Monetizing model

dWeb from its initial stage was meant to be free for all - but businesses run on revenue.

So, we developed a model to generate revenue from decentralized web platform. A framework for generating revenue through dWeb in a transparent manner where all participants are paid fairly – termed as decentralized monetizing model.

Traditionally, online ads monetization pinpoints four participant user model wherein, the platform serving the ads gets paid by the advertiser, then the platform keeps some amount with it and rest goes to the content producers, giving no benefit to the viewers.

Our proposed decentralized monetizing model involves all the participants but ensures to pay them fairly. It emphasizes on user satisfaction and interest by giving them a choice to block the ads-flow and focus only on the content.

Even if they are willing to see the ads, they get rewarded for watching ads, registration, giving referrals and much more.

Distribution of Payments

Current bank transfers and credit cards transfers come with a fixed upfront fee and are not capable of making large-scale micro payments.

However, our dWeb monetizing model fills it with cryptocurrencies because of their worldwide acceptance and proficiency to handle large volume of transactions even across borders.

Novel Approach Towards Advertisement Monetization

Decentralized monetizing model is much more authentic and appealing as it offers win-win situation for all participants. Privacy issues and scams revealed the importance of secure peer-to-peer communication and data security mainly in the terms of transactions and monetization.

Therefore, our decentralized web project is completely compatible with the decentralized monetizing model as it meets all the requirements and do not violates user privacy.

Permissive advertising

In the traditional online digital advertising platforms and content providers do not ask permission from the User to show ads.

The users are served views with a mix of ads and desired content. In most cases users respond by blocking ads, or ignoring them and focusing on the content.

Viewing of ads on our dWeb platform requires users permission and continuous action to advance forward.

The software for our Decentralized web platform includes a User program with a graphical screen which can show images.

Users initiate ads viewing and then have to confirm going from one ad page to the next.

As a reward for their participation users receive crypto currency tokens.


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